Simpson Bay

Simpson Bay beach by the Princess Juliana airport (SXM) is a long curve of white sand beach. The wide and flat beach runs from the Royal Palm Beach Club past The Horny Toad Guesthouse and Mary’s Boon Beach Plantation to Beacon Hill along the back of the airport. Despite its vicinity to the airport, noise pollution is minimal as the jets do not over fly Simpson Bay Beach.
The beach of Simpson Bay is over a mile long and rather wide, and the waters of the Caribbean sea are quiet and calm most time of the year. The bay is facing South, thus being protected from the sometimes strong Northeastern winds.
There are no high-rise buildings along the shoreline and not much beach activities going on on Simpson Bay beach. It represents a remarkable contrast to the busy mains street of Simpson Bay with its bars and restaurants. A nice choice of condos developed through the last years.
The beach at Simpson is very inviting for a beach walk. Great views at sunset add to a romantic atmosphere. The view of the island of Saba in some distance, which looks like a big mountain peaking out of the sea is just spectacular.
Although the beach is lovely, it is frequented only by few, and is well worth the visit for lovers of deserted beaches. It has some water sports, yet it is still a quiet and relaxing beach, and best is to bring your own supplies as you probably won’t find vendors or concessions right on the spot.
Access to Simpson Bay Beach is possible either from the Mary´s Boon Beach Plantation or from behind Pizza Hut, off Airport Road. If you need beach chairs, you may have to bring your own!
Simpson Bay is a good choice for people, who want to stay close to a large range of restaurants, bars and casinos, and still appreciate their privacy. The area has some condos, almost no villas for rent.
In general , the leeward beaches to the west and southwest are calmer, facing the Caribbean Sea. Therefore, Simpson Bay is a beach with calm waters most times as it is not exposed to the open Atlantic.


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