Long Bay

Long Bay, also spelled Longue Bay, Long Beach, or Baie Longue in French, is an extension of Cupecoy situated in the southern part of French Terres Basses/The Lowlands. As the name implies it is the longest stretch of white sand beach on the island. It is also one of the most quiet, intimate beaches, and the best for sun-worshippers. With its stunning turquoise waters and plenty of privacy, the natural charm of this secluded beach will amaze you. Long Bay is also great for snorkeling, although you won´t find too much coral. Exercise care however, as the sometimes intense surf can make this rugged beauty only for hearty ones.
The exclusive, 5 star La Samanna Resort, which has hosted many Hollywood celebrities, is located at the eastern end of prestigeous Long Bay.
Starting from La Samanna, the beach continues all the way on to the very Western end of St. Martin, where you´ll meet some rock formations as well.
To access the beach, look out for the entrance of La Samanna Hotel. Continue along the road next to the ponds, and you will see a parking lot on the left. There is also a fenced passage onto the western end of the beach.
Remember that you will have to bring your own supplies to Long Bay beach. There are no watersport activities, no vendors, no amenities, so you can enjoy the privacy and beauty of the bay to the full extent. The views of the rocks and waters are beautiful, and makes it one of the best romantic sunset spots.


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