Happy Bay

Amazingly, Happy Bay (French: Anse Heureuse) is still a rather unknown, almost undiscovered beach of St. Martin. This may have to do with the fact that the beach is not easily accessible. You have first to take a walk of 10-15 minutes up and down a footpath through the underbrush. The beach is also frequented by naturists, which is tolerated at this beach
Happy Bay lies to the Northwest of the island, between Friars Bay and the Bay of Grand Case. And your walk would start at the last beach bar at Friar’s Bay. Your effort to get there will be honored with viewing one of the most breathtaking beaches of the island.
This quiet beach is like a dream! It is the right spot for romantic beach lovers, for snorkelers, and also for people dropped-off for a couple of hours during a boat excursion.
Once you are there, you will be taken by the beauty of this tropical, intimate bay, with gorgeous views, a beautiful white, sandy beach, and palm trees to provide shade. Take your snorkel gear with you! Happy Bay is one of the best snorkel spots of St. Martin-St. Maarten!
Basically, there is no commercial activity on the beach. Although, a local guy sells some cool beverages and rents some loungers at some afternoons.
Bring your own trash bag with you, and take everything back from there. No cleaning provided at this natural beauty. Help to keep it a natural show piece!.
Park your car at Friar’s Bay Beach Café and walk from there. Head along the coast in Northern direction. It’s about 10 – 15 minutes. The path is not really steep, may be just up to about 100 ft above sea level and down again.


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