Grand Case

Grand Case Beach, in French called “Baie” or “Plage de Grand Case”, is a sweeping curve of a very pretty, one mile long, white sandy beach with quite calm waters. The beach is awesome for swimming and has some nice snorkeling spots towards either end of the beach, or around the reef at “Créole Rock”.
The bay has a wonderful view of neighboring Anguilla and Créole Rock. For information on clothing optional
The beach is also home of several beach bars, restaurants, and small hotels. Frugal travelers, will appreciate the beachside market square with the ‘lolos’, serving grilled lobster, barbecue food, and local treats.
This very Caribbean beach is unique as it combines beach fun with village life! The Bay of Grand Case is also the perfect place for a sunset stroll. The sunset views from the Eastern end are magnificent. And while you are enjoying your walk, you can get a firsthand impression of all the delightful restaurants to choose from for a dinner with panoramic views of the bay.
Grand Case is, indeed, best known for fine dining. The Grand Case Boulevard and the beach are lined with restaurants that built up the image of “The Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean”. That´s why some people call the beach “gastronomic” or “Gourmet Beach”
The village center is busy and has many visitors at dinner time. Only a very few rental apartments, no villas, are located in the central village area. Most accommodation at moderate rates can be found at the Northern and Southern edge of the village.
Grand Case has a perfect mix of attractions for truly Caribbean vacation. It is as much Caribbean as you can get and at the same time has all the flavors of French ‘haute cuisine’ and ‘savoir vivre’. You can obtain food and accommodation at very reasonable rates, and if your budget allows, first class dining and luxurious condos are available, too.


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