Galion Beach

Le Galion Beach, also called Coconut Grove, Baie de L´Embouchure, and nicknamed “Baby Beach”, is the next bay Southeast of buzzling Orient Bay. This laid back beach is surrounded by a coral reef that serves as a protection, providing calm and shallow waters to Le Galion.
Y ou can wade 20 or 30 yards into the water, and your bath trunks are still not wet. It is a wonderful, low-key beach with a quiet and calm surf, perfect to visit with pre-school children. The beach is serviced by a couple of beach restaurants and watersport shops, namely “Chez Pat” and “Tropical Wave”.
You can rent beach chairs and umbrellas, snorkeling gear, boards and rigs, kayaks, and a paddle boat. Pat also gives instructions for windsurfing beginners, and has a motorboat and a trimaran to charter.
Local parents and the French expat community use to go to Le Galion on the weekends for an afternoon filled with sun and fun for kids and adults, family BBQ on the beach and music….
The best place to take children and non-swimmers is the Northern end, where you will probably find the calmest crystal clear waters on the island.
Le Galion Beach is facing prestigious St Barth’s, and is part of St Martin´s Nature Marine Reserve. Bayside Riding take trails through the Marine Reserve and along Le Galion Beach.
There are a few picnic tables along the beach, and you can have a BBQ. You need to bring your own barbecue, or do it as the locals do on weekend, just put your charcoal into the sand.
Le Galion is also a popular hangout for surfing, kite-boarding, and windsurfing enthusiasts. In front of the former “Le Galion Hotel” surfing is perhaps best because of the trade winds coming along the Atlantic coast.

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