Friars Bay

Friar´s Bay (also called “Anse des Pères”), North of the French capital Marigot, is a pretty, small, family oriented beach. The bay is well protected from the swells, and attracts also a few boats. For its calm waters, Friar´s Bay is an ideal beach for families.
It has a fair amount of sand, beautiful seashells to collect, and a good view of the neighboring British island Anguilla. Facing the west coast, Friar´s Bay has also lovely sunset views. It is a very relaxed and laid-back beach to enjoy!
There are two beach bar restaurants on Friar´s Bay, and they all organize theme nights, Barbecues, and private parties. Their “Full Moon Parties” are legendary and are not to be missed!
To get there, take the main road N7 from Marigot heading North towards Grand Case. A few miles off Marigot, follow the sign for Friar´s Bay and its restaurants, and turn left onto the dirt road. The ride will get a bit rough and bumpy at the end….
Once you get there, you will see the beach restaurants at both sides of the bay, and the small beach in between. But there are not many people either. Especially on weekdays it is a very quiet beach as mostly local people go to this beach on Sunday only.
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