Anse Marcel

Anse Marcel lies to the very North of the island. When you drive the road over the mountains up to here, take your camera with you! The drive offers some breathtaking panoramic views that you won´t want to have missed to take on picture. A short walk from the parking at the entrance of Anse Marcel will take you to this fabulous beach that is facing the northeast coast of Anguilla.
Anse Marcel is a pleasant, upscale beach for couples and families. It is nestled in a beautiful tropical quiet bay, protected from the swell. It is a white sandy beach with shade and calm waters. The shallow and calm water is ideal for families with small children.
The Marina Port de Lonvilliers is located at the northern side of Anse Marcel. Among other things, the facilities at the marina include a tiny handful of boutiques, shops and and restaurant.
Anse Marcel beach lies in between two steep hills. One part of the beach is at the former Meridian Hotel property that has been converted into a Radisson Hotel, which reopened in December 2008.
You can’t reach the beach by car! Leave your car on the free parkings outside the Radisson gate and stroll about 200m/25o yds left of the Radisson Hotel towards the beach. There are signs indicating the easy walk to the beach.
The other side of the beach is in front of the Le Domaine Resort. This area of Anse Marcel is known for having hosted the meeting between former French President Mitterand and US President Bush senior at “L’Habitation”.
In general , the leeward beaches to the west and southwest are calmer, facing the Caribbean Sea. Therefore, Anse Marcel is a beach with usually very calm waters as it is also very protected on its flank sides and it is not exposed to the open Atlantic.


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